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What is 8 Heads Sublimation Paper Printer?


A Sublimation Paper printer is a type of printer that uses special sublimation ink to print designs onto sublimation paper. The paper is then used to transfer the design onto a substrate, such as fabric, ceramics, or metal.Sublimation Inkjet Printer "8 heads" refers to the number of printing heads that the printer has. A printer with eight heads will be able to print a larger area in a shorter amount of time compared to a printer with fewer heads.

sublimation paper printer

Sublimation Printing is a popular method for creating custom designs on various products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. The sublimation ink penetrates the surface of the substrate, creating a permanent, high-quality image that is resistant to fading, peeling, or cracking.

Features of 8 Heads Sublimation Paper Printer include:

1.High-speed printing: 8 print heads can work at the same time, so it is faster and more efficient. This is useful for commercial applications that require high volume production.

2.High Resolution: Get higher resolution and better image quality with 8 Heads Sublimation Paper Printer. This makes it an ideal tool for producing high-quality, beautiful patterns.

3.Versatility: This printer can print on many types of materials, such as T-shirts, ceramics, metals, etc., making it ideal for making custom gifts and souvenirs, etc.

4.Scalability: With the 8 Heads Sublimation Paper Printer, the printing scale can be easily expanded to meet different production needs.

8 heads sublimation paper printer

Overall, the 8 Heads Sublimation Paper Printer features high-speed printing, high resolution, versatility, and expandability, making it suitable for commercial applications and producing high-quality patterns and products.

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