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Thermal transfer ink, sublimation ink, dispersion ink

  • Category: Sublimation ink
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  • Product name: High Quality Heat Transfer Printing Ink
  • Printing Type: Digital printing
  • Advantage: Environment Protection
  • Application: Cotton fdigital inkjet cotton fabrics printer
  • Product Manual:water-based ink for sublimaiton printing process,Ink, sublimation ink, garment ink, dispersion ink, thermal transfer ink

    Product Features:

    1.Transfer rate is usually more than 80%.It will reach up to 90% on
    special coated transfer paper;
    2.Our dye sublimation ink guarantees maximum color gamut and photo realistic printout;
    3.Smooth printing with nozzle clogging -free setting-free and bending-free;
    4.Having soft hand feels after transferring to polyester fabrics or other textile;
    5.The transferred printout is scratch-proofed and wash-resisitant .

    The image will not be cracked, peeled or discolored,and good durability.
    6.The dye sublimation ink for Epson 1400 printer meet the international
    environmental protection standard, no harmless to the human.

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