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Roller heat press machine

  • Product Item: BB61170
  • Category: Double side -BB
  • Views: 1121
  • Roller diameter: 610 mm
  • Roller Width: 1700 mm
  • Printing speed: 150-450 m/h
  • Voltage: 3 phase 220 V / 380 V
  • Product Manual:Double layered drum design, save 10-20% energy

    Main features:

    1. DuPont Blanket : Blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

    2. Single drum: Inside / outside cylinder finishing, cylindrical precision grinding machine, drum heating evenly, no color difference.

    3. Integrated slip ring: free maintenance

    4. Heating tube: Taiwan stainless steel heating tube, heat the conductive oil directly, temperature can raise to 200 ℃ with in 45 minutes.

    5. Universal bearing: we use the lasted universal bearing, which can effectively reduce the wear of bearing and reduce the loss of parts.

    6. Small machine, proofing and producing, lower cost.

    Product Details:

    Product Parameter

    Model BB61120 BB61170 BB61190
    Transfer width 1200 mm (47'') 1700 mm (47'') 1900 mm (74.8")
    Blanket size 1250*3480*10 mm 1750*3480*10 mm 1950*3480*10 mm
    heating Power 32.5 KW 40.5 KW 40.5 KW
    Heating media Oil
    Voltage 3 phase 220 V/380 V
    Number of heating elements 27
    Diameter of drum 610 mm
    transfer speed 150-450 m/h
    Max. Temperature 260 ℃
    Process Path feeding in through the top of drum
    Blanket separation method manual
    Sensor adjust the Blanket device no
    Function of roll-to-roll yes
    Function of piece-by piece yes
    Number of feeding rollers 3
    Number of collection rollers 2
    Number of air shaft 2
    worktable yes, without glass
    Air compressor needed, 1 P, (not include)
    machine weight 1900 KG 2100 KG 2400 KG
    Worktable size 3.5*1.55*1.2 m 3.5*1.88*1.2  m 3.5*2.05*1.2 m

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