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Automatic positioning laser cutting machine

  • Product Item: ZS-1820
  • Category: Laser cutting machine
  • Views: 4024
  • Laser Power:80-180w
  • Cutting Speeds:0-6400mm/min
  • Working Supply:220V 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Dimension:2910*2580*2510mm
  • Product Manual:Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine Automatic garment cutting machine

    Product Details

    Product Paramenters

    Laser Type
    CO2 laser tube
    Laser Power 80-180W
    Cutting Speeds 0-6400mm/min
    Repeating Locating +0.05mm
    Working Supply 220V 50HZ/60HZ
    Hybrid servo motor transmission
    Processing area
    1600*2000mm、1800*2000mm、 1900*2000mm
    Cooling Mode
    Water Cooling
    Operating humidity
    Operating temperature
    Applicable material
    Product  Advantages

    1. Using high-precision camera recognition technology, automatically find the edge cutting lines or positioning feature points of various printing graphics.

    2. When the automatic camera positioning laser cutting machine is working, after the pattern is taken into the computer through the visual recognition system, it can be automatically recognized and accurately and quickly positioned for cutting, avoiding the waste of materials and time caused by inaccurate positioning.

    3. The application of the camera positioning system marks the coordination and unity of laser technology, automation technology and artificial visual intelligence technology, which will definitely provide strong help for the production and efficiency of users.

    4. Fast and continuous cutting function, powerful data processing ability based on fine DSP technology, professional camera recognition technology software and coordination of precision mechanical components, ensure accurate and high-speed cutting of the equipment.

    5. The system can realize automatic backlight compensation when taking pictures, and the operating software can automatically correct and establish a model for circular feature points, which completely solves the need to use other computer methods to perform line-by-line modeling without establishing modeling features.. and pendulum There are processing disadvantages such as improper placement. The operating software automatically locates and searches automatically, so that the whole process can be run automatically for many times without manual pre-setting.


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