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Precision style UV exposure machine for screen plate

  • Product Item: SM-120150UVEC
  • Category: Plate-making equipment
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  • Product Manual:

    UV Exposure Machine //Usage and characters


    • Used in the filed of plate-making such as pad plate, screen plate, hot stamper plate, resin plate;
    • When you cover the film onto the plate into UV exposure machine, start it, the emulsion on the plate will appear a unseen imagine;
    • This is important process on all plate-making technology. flexibility Rubber Film ensure Film contact compactly with surface of silk when vacuum state.

    Application fields

    • Nylon silk,;
    • PET Silk,
    • Stainless steel silk.

    UV Exposure machine //Parameter

    Technical parameters


    • Glass Dimension: 900X1200mm;
    • Glass thickness: 10mm.
    • Lamp Wattage: 2000W;
    • Max Frame dimension: 800×1100mm;
    • Exposure Area: 850mm×1150mm;
    • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
    • Wattage: 80w/cm;
    • Lamp distance:750mm;
    • Weight:135KG.
    • Glass Dimension: 1200X1500mm;
    • Glass thickness: 10mm;
    • Lamp Wattage: 3000W;
    • Max Frame dimension: 1100×1500mm;
    • Exposure Area: 1050mm×1550mm;
    • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
    • Wattage: 80w/cm;
    • Lamp distance:750mm;
    • Weight:155KG.
    • Glass Dimension: 1500X2000mm;
    • Glass thickness: 10mm;
    • Lamp Wattage: 3000W;
    • Max Frame dimension: 1400×1900mm;
    • Exposure Area: 1450mm×1950mm;
    • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
    • Wattage: 100w/cm;
    • Lamp distance:750mm;
    • Weight:175KG

    Works supply

    • 1phase 220V or 3Phase 380V Power supply

    Package list

    • Outer size: 1.28×0.98×0.98m ;
    • Net  weight:135 KG
    • Package size:1.34×1.03×1.02m ;
    • Gross weight:226 KG;
    • CBM: 1.136





    UV Exposure Machine //Advantage


    • Choose high quality UV lamp. keep long life;
    • Reflect cover made by resist aging materials;
    • Whole jointing with zinco plate, both portability and firmly;
    • Exposal time auto adjustment and controlling;
    • High vacuum degree, easy to transfer and copy fine lines ;
    • Automatic door of UV lamp shut off and turn on when exposure and finish ensure long life of UV lamp;
    • High toughness Rubber Layer ensure Film closely cover with frame.

    Accessories included

    • Operation instruction in English 1 pc.

    UV Exposure machine //Technical support

    Printing elements

    • Please replace UV lamp after 1000 hours life;
    • Please use UV Exposure machine in dark room;
    • Please test Exposure machine and get correct parameter before making plate;
    • Choose good quality Photosensitive adhesive
    FittingsDescriptionSizePrice1UV lamp230mm/2000W40USD2Trigger 40USD
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