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Streching machine for screen plate

  • Product Item: SM-120160TS
  • Category: Plate-making equipment
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  • Product Manual:The first step of making screen plate. Put the silk onto screen frame. The important machine of making screen plate

    Streching Machine //Usage and characters


    • Currently on the market the most common type of mechanical tension and pneumatic pulled.;
    • Free Stretching Machine sliding rail can of screen frmae of different sizes;
    • Cylinder to force the silk frame on the workbench in close contact with the clamping of the mesh in the frame folder;
    • Rotary handwheel tension in accordance with the appropriate mesh taut surface of the screen frame.
    • Can stretch to more than one screen frame;
    • Collectively referred to all manually tighten the mesh stretching machine to become pneumatic streching machine for mechanical cylinder drive to pull the silk stretching machine, pneumatic netting machines suitable for high accuracy and high tension screen plate of the production, while the screen plate of the production of mechanical stretching machine is suitable for most ordinary accuracy and tension.

    Application fields

    • Nylon silk,;
    • PET Silk,
    • Stainless steel silk.

    Streching machine //Parameter

    Technical parameters


    • Max tighten area:1200×1600mm;
    • Dimension:1500×1800×800mm;
    • Net weight:95kg;
    • Max silk tension:30N/CM.
    • Max tighten area:1600×2100mm;
    • Dimension:2000×2300×800mm;
    • Net weight:115kg;
    • Max silk tension:30N/CM.

    Works supply

    • 5-Bar Compress air

    Package list

    • Package size: 1790*1040*610mm;
    • Gross weight: 135kg;
    • CBM: 1.136





    Streching Machine //Advantage


    • High-strength aluminum rack;
    • Push-pull free retractable guide rod;
    • Pneumatic given network to make the tension more uniform and more stable to prevent the mesh torn;
    • Manually pull the net, micro adjustment, conducive to the tension of flexibility and control;
    • High-strength aluminum alloy pull the net head, the screening is more stable;
    • Free disassembly, easy to move.

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