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T-shirt printer

  • Product Item: GB-4060
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  • Product Manual:T-shirt printer

    Characters of  DTG printer:

    Stable Quality:

    1.Original technology by ourselves

    2.Best Imported white ink,not clogging printhead

    3.Automatic white ink circulation and bubble filter to avoid sediment

    Fast   Speed:

    1.Print 10pcs automatically

    2.two Epson5113 printheads (each head with 4 priting lines)

    3.Print white and CMYK at the same time

    4.Bi-direction; "Normal" and "fast" speed to choose

    5.white T-shirt 1min/pc by4 pass(720x2400dpi), dark T-shirt 2min/pc by 4 pass, dark T-shirt3min/pc by 6 pass(720x3600dpi).

    Excellent Details:

    1. 4 different printing tables

    2.Bowl screws to control moving

    3.English manual pannel

    4..Strong underbed

    Printing tables





    Model: GB-4060
    Max print size: 420 mm * 900mm; capable for three pcs of t-shirts
    Photo quality: 2880 * 2880dpi
    Ink type: Pigment ink for T-shirt direct printing
    ink channel: CMYK WWWW/ Double CMYK
    Printing interface: USB 2.0 & 100 Base-T Ethernet interface
    Printing Direction: Bi-directional Printing Mode
    Printing speed:

    white T-shirt 40s/pc by 3 pass

    white T-shirt 60s/pc by 4 pass

    white T-shirt 90s/pc by 6 pass

    dark  T-shirt  90s/pc by 3 pass

    dark T-shirt 120s/pc by 4 pass

    dark  T-shirt 180s/pc by 6 pass

    Printing method: micro piezoelectric printing technology; intelligent nozzle clogging sensor system
    Production capacity: 500 pcs t-shirts/ 8 working hours
    Normal working environment: Temperature 10 °C ~ 35 °C; Humidity 20 ~ 80 RH
    Machine configuration: USB line; driving software; power line; instruction book; washing and ink-joiner tools
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