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Manual heat press

  • Product Item: HSM-TC4060HS
  • Category: Manual heat press
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  • Product Manual:

    (Voltage):110v 220V  380V


    (temperature range)0-399

    (time range)0-999ses

    (size of worktable)      40*50 cm

    (size of package)      80*78*55  cm

    (weight)                   80kg


    The machine can transfer sublimation and solvent ink picture to textil cloth.It also can do the heat treatment about screen print,plasmagel and so on.


    Digital control system ensure the high precision(1)

    Digital time display ensure high precision of time.

    The heat pipe connect with the heat plate,the special design of the heat plate ensure the safety and fast heat conductivity.

    The heat plate has adhesion proof cladding.

    It has fireresistant silical gel,thus can undertake 400.

    The pressure can be adjust and easy to operate.

    Excellent appearance,small volume and high efficiency.

    (operation process)

    Turn on the power switch

    Push the heat plate to the right

    Adjust the temperature to the need one(usually 120-200

    Adjust the time controller to the needed one (usually 5s-20s)

    Put the cloth on the stamping plate,then put the stamping paper on the cloth(notice the sides of the paper),dawer the heat plate to the original position.Press the handle,when the time reached the setted one,it will give warnin,then put the handle to the original position..


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