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Pneumatic slide-arm heat press machine

  • Product Item: HS2-TC4050MA
  • Category: Pneumatic heat press
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  • Product Manual:

    Technical Parameters:

    Model No. HS2-TC3838MA HS2-TC4050MA HS2-TC4060MA
    Stamping plate size 15"x15" 16"x19" 16"x23"
    working table siz 16"x16" 17"x20" 17"x24"
    Max pressure 0-8Kg /cm2 0-8Kg/cm2 0-8Kg/cm2
    Underdraught stroke 1.57" 1.57" 1.57"
    Heater wattage 2700W 4600 W 6400 W
    Temp. adjustment range 0-260°C 0-260°C 0-260°C
    Net weight 65 Kg 85 Kg 105 Kg
    Time setting range 0-999s 0-999s 0-999s


    1. Heating temperature, heating time, and heating press is controllable .

    2. Tolerance of temperature can be controlled within 5 degree.

    3. The perfectly balanced platens can move from side to side easly.

    4. Electronic LCD thermostat, 0-60 seconds when the control pressure is adjustable;
    5. The heating plate Teflon anti-sticking coating;
    6. Split the heating wire and the heating plate, safe, durable, easy to replace;
    7. Imported high temperature silicone gasket, the temperature reached 300 degrees

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