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Plain screen printing machine for Heat transfer paper

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    Slant-arm screen printing machine //Structure


    Automatically absorb.

    Working table

    Vacuum working table -700*1000mm


    Screen plate rise and drop with Swing

    Squeegee stroke

    Adjust the cam and connecting rod

    Squeegee control

    Guide shaft

    Ink drying

    Natural drying or with UV Machine. Drying rack

    Slant-arm screen printing machine//Usage and characters


    • Fit printing soft and thin products such as paper, plastics film etc.;
    • With vacuum working table ensure adsorbing object when printing;
    • Working table keep stillness but screen frame moving along slant angle make the printing speed higher ;
    • Also widely used in Glass Plate, Machine panel screen printing;
    • With UV curing machine, Can finish many UV special printing process including UV Spot Varnish, UV frosting , UV glitter Powder ;
    • Suitable for printing sheet-fed adhesive sticker
    • Suitable for printing water transfer label and heat transfer label through different process.
    • Max Printing area: 600*900mm.
    • Rubber Squeegee movement driven by Taiwan frequency conversion controlling system .
    • widely used to print circuit aboard , Film switch panel etc. industrial High technology field.


    Paper package, Film printing, UV Process, furniture industry, glass industry, circuit board industry, electronic parts, auto parts, Machine panel  UV Scrub ,heat transfer film

    Slant-arm screen printing Machine//Parameters

    Technical parameters


    1.Max printing thickness:0-40 MM;
    2.Power Pressure:4-6kgf/cm2;
    3.Net weight: 560KG;
    4.Max printing area:600×900MM;
    5.Max printing speed:1000Pcs/H.
    6.Max screen frame size: 900×1200mm;
    7. Table adjustment Longitude: +-0.1mm;
    8. Working table size: 700×1000mm
    1.Max printing thickness:0-40 MM;
    2.Power Pressure:4-6kgf/cm2;
    3.Net weight: 650KG;
    4.Max printing area:700×1000MM;
    5.Max printing speed:1000Pcs/H.
    6.Max screen frame size: 1000×1300mm;
    7. Table adjustment Longitude: +-0.1mm;
    8. Working table size: 800×1100mm


    • 110V-220V Power supply;
    • 5-7Barcompress air;

    Package parameters

    • Gross weight: 592kg
    • Wooden case dimension:1660×1280×1350mm
    • CBM: 2.66CBM





    Slant-arm screen printing Machine//Advantage


    • Designed with its structure equipped with both power-driven and air-powered devices;
    • The printing operation and lifting transmission are under the control of the imported variable automatic system, and the complete machine is characterized by uniformity of operation.
    • Its printing plate is cast with aluminum alloy ,Stainless steel sheet of 2mm in thickness is adhered to the surface of the printing plate, and the printing plate may be smooth, even, and free from distortion;
    • In addition, it is provided with coordinate vernier device and automatic air-intake function, ensuring still more easy and accurate printing plate alignment.
    • Slide rail adopts linear guide rail made in Germany, Free of attrition wear. Transmission gear is equipped with imported timing belt and it is characterized by free actuation and adjustable speed.
    • Pressure of squeegee blade and in returning blade are adjustable and may be separately manipulated, and adjustment up to 45 degrees is allowed as well
    • It is equipped with safe bounce-back function, ensuring safety in operation it is also provided with automatic synchronous screen-departure function , and this may avoid the scumming of printed materials effectively.
    • All components of the electrical section are from noted brands, its panel is fitted with electronic touch keys. the complete machine is coated with static pyrolytic coating, with esthetic appearance , good taste, and solvent resistance.
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