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Automatic roll on screen printing machine for transfer film

  • Product Item: SZD-R3040
  • Category: Heat transfer film screen printng machine
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  • Product Manual:

    SZD-R3040 Full automatically Label screen printing machine//Usage and characters


    • Rollel materials generally elongated sub merchandise for indicating the specified position in product features an accessory. Using loose knit nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, rayon and other raw materials and weaving, braiding, knitting and other technology formation.
      Monochrome screen is monochrome surfaces automatic screen printing machine for ribbon width 300mm or less, can be a single or a plurality of monochrome printing.
      High printing speed, print quality and stability. Automatic package feeding mode, saving labor intensity, pitch servo control means for printing different pitches graphic.
      Double drying tunnel drying design, greatly improving printing efficiency webbing.

    SZD-R3040 Full automatically Roller materials screen printing machine//Parameter

    Works supply

    • Power: 3 phase 380V;
    • 10M Length space for installation

    Shipment parameter

    Mainly machine package size 210CM*95CM*150CM
    IR drying machine package size 210CM*85CM*210CM
    weight 1300kg
    Installing size 2m*7m





    SZD-R3040 Full automatically Roller materials screen printing machine//Advantage


    • That shut down for operating an ink rub net increase, which will help the color adjustment;
    • Block printing with vacuum suction function, Label positioning is more accurate and reliable;
    • High-speed printing, the normal per-minute speeds of up to 15M;
    • Which can print up to eight different types of ribbon;
    • Double blade design, printing, inking cleaner and reliable;
    • All-electric control, no compressed air;
    • Automatic feeding, winding tension control;
    • Smooth running smoothly, the printing stroke and speed adjustable;
    • Taiwan inverter control constant torque operation, to ensure consistent printing results;
    • Using IR infrared drying system, printing, drying synchronization is complete;
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