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Flash dryer for Screen printing machine

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  • Category: IR drying tunnel
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  • Product Manual:

    KC-F4565IRB IR Flash dryer with sensor//Guide


    • With manual screen printer used for thermal ink and glue preliminary drying; hot plate size: 450 * 650mm single sheet and dried for clothing.
    • Shook his head design, easy to operate;
    • Install photoelectric switch, energy saving.

    KC-F4565IRB IR Flash dryer//parameter

    Technical parameter

    • Heating size:450×650 mm;
    • Heating wattage: 4800W;
    • Temperature range: 0-300.
    • Time range:0-999S.

    Works supply

    • 110V-220V Power supply.

    Shipment parameter

    • Package size: 0.740×0.47×0.59m;
    • Gross weight: 50KG;
    • CBM: 0.2052





    KC-F4565IRB IR Flash dryer//Advantage


    • Height can be adjusted for different heights printing machine;
    • Glass heating pipe, higher efficacy;
    • Swing design, easy to align objects to be dried;
    • Heating independent switch control, according to the actual situation, adjusting the heating temperature;
    • High-precision temperature controller, error range between 3 degrees;
    • Installation switch power off, saving energy.
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