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IR drying tunnel

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    IR Drying Machine//Usage and characters


    • Used in the field of curing heat-solid ink printed on clothes;
    • This machine is suitable for T shirt and most of fabric ;
    • Curing some soft materials after coating by roller ;
    • Entering mouth adjustable make different objects curing;
    • Temperature controlled automatically ensure Objects drying on lower temperature;
    • High efficient dryer which is heated by far-infrared and hot wind.;
    • Temperature is controllable. speed of tefron coated conveyor can be adjusted steplessly.
    • Suitable for drying printed garment, printed textile, Printed paper and printed film, etc;
    • Also use in many occasions of drying or pre-drying printed or unprinted objects.

    Application fields

    • Cloth , fabric , Garment
    • Electron, Hardware, Auto, Toys, Gifts, Plastics parts,
    • Plastics products, House appliances, work of art, Stationery, Ornament, cosmetic, sports apparatus .
    • suitable for solvent-base and heat-set ink.

    IR Drying tunnel //Parameter

    Technical parameters

    M-100450XIR far-infrared Drying conveyer

    • Conveyer width:1000mm;
    • Total wattage:15KW;
    • Wind fan wattage:45W/220V*2;
    • Conveyer motor wattage:90W/1P/220V;
    • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min;
    • Speed adjustment:Stepless;
    • Heater Lamp wattage:1000W/220V×15pcs;
    • Max height of production: 100mm;
    • Total Length:4500mm, Heat length: 3000mm;
    • Entering length: 750mm Exit length: 450mm.

    Works supply

    • Power: 3 phase 380V.

    Package list

    Package Dimension:

    • 3100*1320*770mm/1pc (320KG) 3.15084CBM
    • 1320*1000*660mm/1pc (180kg) 0.8712CBM





    IR Drying tunnel //Advantage


    • Made by high temperature Tefron conveyer belt;
    • Famous brand motor drive,stepless speed adjustment;
    • High quality FIR lamp to ensure stabilization temperature;
    • Taiwan electron circult controlling and operation simply;
    • High percision Pulling roll and running Smoothly;
    • Temperature can be adjustable according to different requirments.
    • High Drying Efficient-

    heated with far-infrared ceramic heating rod and hot wind circuit make printed object dry evenly in the shortest time. Thus save power;

    • Heatproof conveyor belt-

    telflon coated conveyor belt can work properly and durable in high temperature.

    • Conveyor speed controllable-

    The conveyor is driven by stepless change speed motor. Therefore, running speed of conveyor can be set arbitrary, Thus, The dryer can dry diffrent thickness object.

    • Cover openableheating room-

    openable covers on both side of heating room. Ceramic heating rod can be easily replaced by simply opening the cover of heating room.

    • Wide range and precision temperature control-

    Heating temperature can be set to any temperature between room temperature to 300 degree. Tolerance of temperature is in +/-5 degree.

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