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Manual 4 colors screen printing machine

  • Product Item: SM4-4050T
  • Category: Fabric screen printing machine
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    SM4-4050 Manual 4-color garment screen printing machine//Structure

    Working table

    High strength cast aluminum plate -400*500mm


    Rotating working table and rotating screen plate

    To be printed

    • Fabric. CD

    Rotating angle


    Squeegee and screen plate control

    High precision rotating disc

    Ink drying

    Heat set ink, IR Drying

    SM4-4050 Manual 4-color Garment screen printing machine//Usage and characters


    • This is a rotary clothes 4-color manual screen printing machine, suitable for printing 400mm * 500mm about the format of the fabric, paper, clothes; T-shirts and other products.
    • Running smoothly, cost-effective. Widely used in multicolor printed clothing and textile sectors.
    • Workbench coated with solvent glue is recommended for accurate print positioning;
    • Have place since the lock mechanism, accurate positioning, set-bit precision can reach 0.025mm;
    • Center vertical shaft structure design, smooth rotation, lightweight and comfortable, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator;
    • More suitable for heat set printing ink, printing ink thickness, ink, bright;
    • Configuration of infrared drying device, which will help the plastisol ink is fast drying;
    • Screen rotation arrangement, the operator independent of each other and co-ordination, printing and high efficiency.


    • T shirt , Clothes, Garment, Fabric, Textile Printing , Cotton
    • Glass, Wooden Plate
    • CD, DVD.

    SM4-4050 Manual 4-color garment screen printing Machine //Parameters

    Technical parameters

    • Max printing thickness:0-20 MM;
    • Net weight: 50KG;
    • Max printing area:350X450mm;
    • Size of working table: 400×500mm;
    • Max printing speed:500Pcs/H;
    • Printing number: 4;
    • Drying mode: IR;
    • Max height of screen frame: 40mm;
    • Max size of screen frame: 550*680mm;
    • Wattage of heater: 1.6KW.

    Works supply


    Shipment parameters

    • Net weight: 35kg;
    • Outer dimension:1080×710×380mm;
    • Gross weight: 68kg;
    • Wooden case dimension:1100×780×530mm;
    • CBM: 0.1815





    SM4-4050 Manual 4-color garment screen printing machine//Advantage


    • Operated by hand, controllable is well;
    • Total-steel rotating-axis system ensure whirling free and Adaptability.
    • High-strength support pole make the machine structure rigidity.
    • 4-color screen printing one time, overprint is precision .
    • Screen frame can be adjustable according to different objects to be printed.
    • Screen frame can be rise up after printing so that printing quality.
    • High-stabilization working table ensure non-shaking when printing
    • IR Dryer with machine make the clothes drying fast
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