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UV curing machine for offset printer

  • Product Item: M-100400UVC
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  • Product Manual:

    Flat UV Drying Machine//Parameter

    Technical parameters



    • Conveyer width:1000mm;
    • Total wattage:22KW;
    • Wind fan wattage:200W/380V;
    • Conveyer motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V;
    • ConveyEr speed:20~100m/min;
    • Speed adjustment:Stepless;
    • Lamp wattage:8KW/380V×2pcs;
    • Max height of production: 80mm.
    • Entrance Length:1000mm.
    • Drying length: 1500mm.
    • Exit length: 500mm
    • Max curing Objects:1000×60mm(W×H);
    • Total Wattage:27KW;
    • Fan Motor Wattage:1000W/380V;
    • Transport Motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V;
    • Conveyer speed:20-100m/min;
    • Speed adjustment mode:stepless;
    • Lamp wattage:8KW/380V×3pcs.;
    • Max objects height: 80mm
    • Enterance length: 800mm
    • Drying length:1800mm
    • Exit length: 1800mm.

    Works supply

    • Power: 3 phase 380V.

    Package list

    Outer Dimension: 2.500×0.560×1.370m;

    Net weight: 296KG


    Package Dimension: 2.58×0.85×1.35m;

    Gross weight: 379KG; CBM:3.364945

    Package Dimension: 2.670×1.10×1.420m;

    Gross weight: 395KG; CBM:4.17054





    Flat UV Curing Machine//Advantage


    • The conveyer speed can adjustment according to the products drying condition;
    • Conveyer belt mabe by teflon materials;
    • Famous brand UV lamp installed ;
    • Cooling fan installed on the side to remove the heat in curing chamber;
    • Worked on Table, save the space;
    • Teflon conveyer belt and resist high temperature. function.
    • Electrical components and control systems using Famous brand  to ensure stable Curing quality.
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