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Large size Screen plate drying closet

  • Product Item: SM-150200DC
  • Category: Plate-making equipment
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    Plate drying closet //Usage and characters


    • The Silk plate of the production process, the screen coating sensitive adhesive dry, dry the screen after developing the need to screen drying Machine for drying.;
    • Screen flat on the grid level of the oven, about 60 degrees temperature baking, the screen surface contains moisture will be evaporated.
    • The dried Screen improve the adhesion of the photoresist and improve the role of the screen plate of the Printing runs rate and life expectancy.
    • The Drying closet of the KC-brand box structure made of galvanized sheet wrapped asbestos board, with the temperature constant, the characteristics of the heat available.

    Application fields

    • Nylon silk plate
    • PET Silk plate
    • Stainless steel silk plate

    Plate drying closet //Parameter

    Technical parameters


    • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
    • Inner size: 800×1000mm;
    • Fan wattage:1KW;
    • Heat wattage:3KW;
    • Net weight:115KG.
    SM-120150UVE SM-150200UVE
    • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
    • Inner size: 1100×1300mm;
    • Fan wattage:1KW;
    • Heat wattage:4KW;
    • Net weight:135KG.
    • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
    • Inner size: 1400×1800mm;
    • Fan Wattage:1KW;
    • Heat Wattage:6KW;
    • Net weight:168Kg

    Works supply

    • 3Phase 380V Power supply

    Package list

    • Outer size:1.20×0.95×1.10m ;
    • NET weight: 115KG;
    • Package size:1.28×1.02×1.26m ;
    • Gross weight: 204KG;
    • CBM: 1.645056





    Plate drying coset //Advantage


    • Galvanized steel sheet welding, high temperature environmental paint;
    • Drawer structure to facilitate the screen plate of the place and remove;
    • layered mesh design, the circular flow of hot air and double-sided drying;
    • Asbestos sheet insulation system temperature lasting constant;
    • Hot air circulation system to ensure that hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven to improve the drying efficiency;
    • The plane of the screen to place, conducive to the uniformity of photosensitive film layer drying
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