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Printer Maintenance Precautions

1. Shut down according to prescribed procedures: first turn off the control software when shutting down, and then turn off the main power switch to make sure the carriage returns to normal position, to make sure the ink nozzles and stacks are completely closed to avoid clogging the nozzles.
2. When replacing the ink cell core, it is recommended to use the original ink cell core, otherwise the ink core may be deformed and cause nozzle blockage, ink breakage, removal of ink. Incomplete ink and dirty ink removal. If the machine is not used for more than three days, clean the ink stack core and waste ink tube with cleaning fluid to prevent it from drying out and clogging.
3. It is recommended to use the original original ink, and it is strictly forbidden to mix two different ink brands, in order to avoid chemical reactions, block the nozzle and affect the image quality. whatsapp: 008613728180311
4. Do not plug or unplug the USB printer cable when the power is on to avoid damage to the motherboard.
5. The machine is a high-speed printer, be sure to connect the ground wire: ① When the air is dry, the problem of static electricity cannot be ignored. ②When using inferior materials with strong static electricity, static electricity can damage the electronic originals and the machine nozzles. Static electricity will also cause ink to shoot out during printing. It is forbidden to operate the injectors with electricity.
6. Because the printing machine is precision printing equipment, it is recommended to equip a brand voltage stabilizer with a power of about 2000W.
7. Keep the ambient temperature at 15 ℃ -30 ℃, humidity 35% -65%, keep the working environment clean and avoid dust.
8. Scraper: Clean the ink stack cleaner regularly to prevent solidification of the ink from damaging the nozzle.
9. Work Platform - Keep the table surface free of dust, ink, and dirt to avoid scratching the nozzle.
10. Cartridge: Close the cap immediately after filling the ink to prevent dust from entering. whatsapp: 008613728180311

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