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Ribbon bronzing is divided into two processes

1) Ribbon bronzing is divided into two processes. One is direct bronzing, which is directly bronted on the surface of the webbing. This bronzing uses a cylindrical relief. Although the adhesion is not particularly good, many customers accept it. The other is the indirect hot stamping process. It is necessary to first screen the bronzing glue on the webbing and then use the H-TC20RR hot stamping machine for bronzing. The hot stamping paper of this process has good adhesion, but the user needs to buy a screen printing machine to print the silk screen printing glue. The investment is large.

2) The webbing after bronzing usually needs to be cut, and the webbing cutting machine with photoelectric tracking and positioning system must be selected for cutting. This type of cutting machine is controlled by a microcomputer and is very fast.

3) If the cutting machine is linked to the back of the webbing machine, an online production line will be formed, which will save one worker, but the hot stamping machine will be slower, so the efficiency will not increase significantly.

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