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How to decorate for ribbon

The printing of webbing mainly includes silk screen printing, bronzing and sublimation thermal transfer.

Silk screen printing is the most important form of ribbon decoration. It is also the most important way to express brand value and convey brand information. The majority of silk screen printing is carried out by fully automatic webbing screen printing machine. It mainly consists of silk screen printing system and drying system.

Bronzing is a relatively high-end process for the decoration of the webbing. Since it is difficult to directly bronze the fabric itself, it is usually necessary to first screen the bronzing paste on the webbing with a screen printing machine, and then transfer it with a bronzing machine or a heat transfer machine. The process of ribbon gilding is relatively complicated, and it is a combination process of silk screen printing and bronzing.

In order to present a complex pattern with a tone, sublimation thermal transfer is the best choice. First print the pattern onto the sublimation paper with a printer, then transfer the pattern onto the webbing with a web transfer machine. The printer is easy to obtain a tone image, so the more complicated tape transfer is used in this process.

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