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Do you know hot stamping paper?

Do you know hot stamping paper?
   The bronzing process is inseparable from the hot stamping paper. There are many types of bronzing paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, and paper. Different materials should choose different hot stamping papers.

1) Specifications of hot stamping paper:
Bronzing paper is available in many sizes, but the most common one is a width of 64cm and a length of 120M.
2) How to cut the bronzing paper?
   The bronzing pattern has a size, and the width of the bronzing paper is cut into a small roll having a width slightly larger than the width of the bronzing pattern to be bronzing, and the bronzing paper is cut using a cutting machine, and the price of the cutting machine is between 150 usd and 250 usd.

3) Color of hot stamping paper:
    The color of bronzing paper is mainly gold and silver, and various bright colors such as red, green and blue are commonly used in the market. Laser holographic gilding paper has also been increasing in recent years.

4) Direct bronzing and indirect bronzing.
    Paper, plastic, wood can be directly bronzing, metal, glass, ceramics and fabrics are usually indirect bronzing. Indirect bronzing requires first coating a layer of glass, metal, and fabric bronzing paste on the material before bronzing.

   This is a brief introduction to hot stamping paper. If you need detailed hot stamping and bronzing techniques, you can talk to us!

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