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Knowleage of Pneumatic hot foil stamping machine

Pneumatic hot stamping machine uses the power of compressed air to control the pressing of hot head to complete the hot stamping action. It is the most popular type of hot stamping machine on the market and has a very wide range of applications in paper packaging, household appliances, leather products, plastic products and other fields. Involving hot stamping, indentation, Baking paste, die cutting, embossing and embossing. 

1) What can be done by pneumatic hot stamping machine? 

Using hot stamping paper, pneumatic hot stamping machine can complete hot stamping. If you do not use foil stamping, pneumatic stamping machine can complete the indentation of paper and leather, wood board baking paste. Installing a die-board also allows for a small amount of die cutting. Pneumatic hot stamping machine is also the main hot stamping device for embossing and punching. 

2) Workbench of Pneumatic Stamping Machine 
The workbench is usually larger than the stamping size, there are manual pull-out pull-in, and automatic access to the two types, so that the operator can easily pick and place the product. Pneumatic hot stamping machine of the automatic worktable, automatic access of the worktable, in addition to lowering the labor intensity of the workers, the safety is greatly improved. Pneumatic hot stamping machine is mainly based on paper stamping, indentation and leather stamping and indentation. Thin paper sheets are usually affixed to the edge of the table for positioning purposes. When the pneumatic hot stamping machine is used for hot stamping of plastic injection products and wooden gift boxes, the corresponding fixtures are usually required. 

3) Which plate can be used for pneumatic stamping machine? 

When the pneumatic hot stamping machine is used for hot stamping, copper plates, magnesium plates, zinc plates, and silica gel plates can be used. When used for indentation, copper plates and zinc plates are used. When the user baking pastes, iron plates can also be used. Pneumatic hot stamping machines are used to produce convex and concave plates when used for embossing and embossing. 

4) What is the winding mechanism of the pneumatic foil stamping machine? 
KC pneumatic hot stamping machines are equipped with automatic foil wrapping machines. During hot stamping, the length of the foil collecting will be adjusted according to the set delivery time. When it is used for indentation, paste, and die cutting, the rewinding device can be idled. 

5) What is the pressure of the pneumatic stamping machine? 

The maximum pressure of the pneumatic stamping machine comes from the driving force of the compressed air that the stamping machine can withstand. The KC brand pneumatic stamping machine stamping and the working table are all made of high-strength forged steel, so the pressure is higher and can reach 20 tons. At present, there is no domestic type of pneumatic hot stamping machine that can achieve this pressure. The KC brand hot stamping machine is also a hot stamping machine that keeps hot on the clock dial, auto parts and large furniture products. 

6) How is the price of pneumatic stamping machine? 
The Chinese market is very turbulent. When you do not delve into the differences between pneumatic bronzing machines made by various suppliers, it is meaningless to talk about prices. As the saying goes, there is no price without a standard. We can't simply decide that you must be good and you must have a bad price, but one thing is certain: With the full competition in the market, whether it's expensive pneumatic stamping machines or cheap pneumatic stamping machines, the profit is already very small. . We will not belittle those low-priced pneumatic hot stamping machines, nor will we tout those high-priced pneumatic hot stamping machines, but we will ensure that we can not sell sub-filled pneumatic hot stamping machines. This is a solemn commitment from KC Printing Machinery.

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