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How to use the maintenance digital printer nozzle when the cold wave arrives

As the temperature decreases, the thermal transfer ink used by digital printers will increase in viscosity at low temperatures, and the dry weather in winter will cause digital ink jet nozzles to easily fly or break.
To prevent these effects of digital printers from working properly, how do I use digital printer heads?

1. It is necessary to keep the indoor temperature of the digital printer at no less than 20 degrees Celsius and the air humidity no less than 40%.

2. It is necessary to ensure the storage environment of the thermal transfer ink and prevent the thermal transfer ink from deteriorating at low temperatures. Please follow the normal operation procedures to protect the nozzle and the ink.

3, remember that do not force the use of machines in low-temperature environment, the nozzle expensive as gold, and use and cherish!

We can use the method of increasing the temperature of the ink to solve some problems. Some machine manufacturers provide users with a heating device on the machine machinery, and some machine manufacturers install the heating device near the base plate of the nozzle where the nozzle is installed.

Another method is to warm the ink cartridges by adding a temperature control device to the secondary ink cartridges or the ink supply tank (main ink box) to increase the temperature of the ink. (usually normal temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius)
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