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Use digital printing machine in the selection of ink to pay attention to what

The use of digital printing machine in the purchase of ink need to choose the ink for winter use. Another method is to heat the ink tank to increase the temperature of the ink. This method consumes a large amount of electricity but is also worth promoting because it is much safer than adding a light bulb at the bottom of the ink tank. High viscosity ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramic nozzle inside the nozzle caused by fatigue phenomenon.

We can use the method of controlling the temperature of the ink to control the activity of the ink. That is, the temperature of the ink cartridge is increased by adding a temperature control device at the secondary ink cartridge. Someone simply adds a light bulb at the bottom of the ink cartridge (if space permits) Not bad.

But also more maintenance of pictorial machine nozzle, ink solvent is volatile liquid, air drying speed will be volatile, digital printing machine nozzle surface ink and quick-drying knot, resulting in nozzle clogging phenomenon, the performance of the ink in the printing process and Frequent disconnection and ink jet skew occurs, if not pay attention to digital printing machine nozzle maintenance may damage the nozzle.

Digital printing machine ink if stored in the environment at lower temperatures its viscosity will change, while the activity will be much lower corresponding to the temperature of the rapid progress of ink activity but the viscosity of the ink will not be due to temperature progress and rapid reduce. Winter ink product features mainly in the activities of (due to lower temperatures in the ink will reduce the activity of a lot), to test ink activity there is a very simple way to get a piece of smooth iron Dipped in a little ink and then tilt at an angle to observe the speed of ink in the iron plate can be.

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