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Textile printing analysis

First, the principle and characteristics of the process

Sublimation transfer printing First, the use of printing methods will be a special printing dye printed on the transfer paper, and then heated, pressurized, the dye transfer to the fabric. Specifically, it is based on the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, the choice of sublimation temperature range of 180 ~ 240 ° C disperse dyes, mixed with the slurry to make color ink, according to different patterns, the pattern requirements, with the way the color Ink printing on the transfer paper, printed pattern, the pattern of the transfer paper and fabric in close contact with the transfer printing machine at 200 ~ 230 ℃ for 10 ~ 30s, dye transfer from the printed paper to the fabric, through the diffusion into the Fabric interior, to achieve the purpose of coloring. In the process of heating and sublimation, in order to make the dye can be directed diffusion, often in the side of the bottom of the material to be evacuated, the dye to achieve directional diffusion transfer, improve the transfer quality.

At present, the technology that is really large-scale commercial and industrial digital printing is mainly sublimation transfer printing technology. With the introduction of China's price-competitive dye-sublimation inks, which are mainly imported from South Korea and Italy, and the digitization of printing technology, the application of sublimation transfer technology has become more widespread. Induction in terms of sublimation transfer technology has the following four aspects of the characteristics:

1, printing effect is good.

The sublimation printing technology printed fabric with fine, colorful, rich and clear layers, high art, strong sense of three-dimensional, is difficult to do with the general method of printing, and can print photography and painting style of the pattern.

2, printed products feel soft, long service life.

Sublimation transfer is the most prominent feature of the dye can be diffused into the polyester or fiber, printed goods feel very soft and comfortable, the basic feel of the presence of ink layer. In addition, because the ink has been dried during the transfer process, making the life of the image as long as the life of the garment itself, will not wear printed graphics, affecting the appearance of the fabric.

3, simple process, less equipment investment, flexibility, genuine high rate.

Sublimation when the transfer can be more than one set of color patterns without the need for flowers, according to the individual needs of customers, in a relatively short period of time printing activities to meet the individual needs of customers.

4 to save resources and protect the environment.

Unlike traditional fabric printing, sublimation transfer printing does not require steaming, washing and other post-processing processes, saving a lot of water, no sewage, you can save resources and protect the environment.

Second, the factors that affect the sublimation transfer quality

1, temperature and time.

Heat transfer printing process requires temperature control in the range of 180 ~ 230 ℃, transfer time is about 1O-30s, but also pay attention to the temperature and time of the rational deployment.

2, pressure

Pressure is also one of the important parameters of the sublimation transfer process. Taking the sublimation transfer printing of the fabric as an example, if the pressure is too small, the gap between the fabric and the transfer paper is large and the yarn is round, and the molecules of the ink gas collide with the air heavily And escape, resulting in Ep ~, J effect is poor, while the ink is also easy to infiltrate, thick lines and patterns, patterns blurred, visual effects worse; if the pressure is appropriate, the yarn was flat, between the fabric and transfer paper The gap is suitable and the transfer coloring effect is good, the pattern is clear, the lines are finer and clearer; BEST printing machinery, cylinder independent self-development, according to different processing materials automatically adjust the pressure of goods needed to make printing better.
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