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Digital printing machinery technology and system installations

With the development in recent years, digital printing technology has entered many industries we are familiar with, especially in textile printing and handicraft printing. Due to lack of experience or technical shortcomings, many customers have low productivity, defective products, high frequency, the reason is that many customers are upset. After the first printing machinery over the years of practical operation and research, printing equipment products in technology, printing machinery company supreme team in the research and development and practice done a lot of technical improvements, the application of the first printing machine proofing better quality and quality. Greatly increased production efficiency and operating costs. In the image design, output software, printing equipment, transfer machines and other aspects of all we have to plan ahead, so as to be able to do things without fear. Below we will be one by one on each link to be introduced.
A: image design, we commonly used image graphic design software such as: Photoshop; CorelDRAW; Illustraror; FreeHand, according to the information provided by our customers and the design of the picture to choose the software we use.
1: The client is provided a bitmap document, and to do a lot of changes, it is recommended to do with Photoshop; Photoshop5.0 above version, in the image repair his tools is very convenient.
2: When customers need to do some text, thin lines and other manuscripts, it is recommended to use vector graphics production software CorelDRAW; Illustraror; FreeHand, these several software functions are similar, depends on what users print software, can Support selected software save vector format on it. But no matter what software design you use, pay attention to the following aspects;
Second: the output software: Now the world a lot of output software, common print software such as: Wasatch; ColorPrint; PhotoPrint ;, MonteTek software; ColorGate; PosterShop, EFI and GMG, etc .; these several software, each software Defects that have their own advantages. Relatively speaking, PosterShop, EFI and GMG software have some advantages in terms of color gamut and transition, but the prices are relatively expensive, some of which are as high as 100,000 RMB. In printing software customers can choose according to the actual situation of their own company or factory.
At present, the production status of domestic enterprises, Wasatch and Montessori basically to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, we also actively promote these two printing softwares to our customers.
Three: Printing Equipment: Commonly used in equipment are the following:
1: EPSON-series
New print head
SP7880 / 9880
Four: Print and transfer precautions
In order to be able to get a good product, inkjet printing in the production process should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, before printing, must first print the test strip, in the case of no broken line can print pictures. And every hour of printing need to re-test whether the test strip is broken, if there is a need to clean the broken line can continue below the print job.
2, every three months to clean the ink sac, to ensure the printing of fluency.
3, Ink stacks and scraping blades often need cleaning work, in order to prevent the printing process of broken line and rejection of ink phenomenon, reduce defective rate.
4, printing workshop temperature should be controlled at 25 degrees Celsius, humidity should be controlled at 15% to 45%.
5, try not to touch the printing surface of printing paper, so as not to pollute the paper, affect the printing effect, resulting in defective.
6, the printer should be connected to the ground, so as to avoid static electricity to the printer, affecting the printing effect, resulting in defective.
7, print shop must be kept clean, to avoid dust and impurities in the air pollution of paper, ink and even the printer nozzle, causing damage to the printer.
8, always pay attention to the level of ink ink cartridge, do not empty the ink cartridge out. The position of the ink in the ink cartridge can not be lower than the lowest tick mark, resulting in disconnection. When adding ink to the ink cartridge, pay attention also, and can not be higher than the highest tick of the ink cartridge. To avoid excessive pressure, resulting in rejection of ink.
9, the printer placed on the ground to maintain the level to avoid uneven printing ink pressure generated color and rejection of ink phenomenon.
10, when placing the paper on the printer pay attention to the formation of paper and paper placement, to avoid rubbing paper in the printing process and print drawings are not complete and so on.
11, do not touch the printed good hand drawings, do not talk to the drawings, so as not to contaminate the drawings, resulting in unnecessary waste.
12, for the need to stack the drawings, be sure to wait for the drawings thoroughly dry before they can be stacked. Otherwise it will cause pollution and waste of drawing.
13, the production of large goods must be confirmed by the customer samples on the print shop, large goods production process at any time with the sample comparison, such as the emergence of color and other issues to be handled in time to reduce the defective rate. At the same time to ensure that there is sufficient material stock for large goods production needs.
14, transfer workshop try to be dust-free workshop, to avoid dust pollution drawings and fabrics.
15, transfer according to their own environment and the machine set the most appropriate transfer temperature and transfer time. Special attention to different fabrics to choose a different transfer temperature and transfer time.
16, in the proofing must make a good record, record the printing parameters and the transfer temperature and time to ensure that the production of large goods and proofing to maintain the same printing and transfer parameters.
17, for the need to pre-shrink fabric, before the transfer must be carried out 1 to 2 times the pre-shrink, to avoid shift generated when the transfer phenomenon. In addition to prevent displacement, but also in the transfer of the drawings stamped with a layer of fabric to increase the transfer pressure, to avoid displacement.

In addition, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce defective rate, to ensure the normal production, the purchase of the printing machine, old and new customers must remember to regularly maintain and maintain the printer.
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