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What is the role of roller printing machine

Roller printing machine can do include printing children's clothes, printing underwear, T-shirt printing and other clothing printing, is currently the most demand for printing company printing equipment.

Roller printing machine performance how? Roller printing machine is not limited to fabrics, whether cotton or polyester, spandex and other chemical fiber material, or chemical fiber and cotton mixture, as well as denim, linen, etc., can be directly printing. Whether it is white fabric, or light-colored fabrics, and dark fabrics, can be printed on a variety of colorful patterns

  Drum printing: Drum printing is like newspaper printing, which is a high-speed process that produces more than 6,000 yards of printed fabric per hour. This method is also called mechanical printing. In cylinder printing, patterns are engraved on fabric by engraving copper drums (or rollers) on. Copper drums can be carved out of close arrangement of very fine lines, which can print very detailed and soft patterns. For example, fine, dense Pei Lisi vortex printing is a series of patterns printed by roller printing. Carved cylinder should be fully consistent with the designer's design artwork, each one needs a carved roller simple. (In the textile-specific printing process, the five-roll printing, six-roll printing commonly used to represent five sets of color or six sets of color roller printing.
Roller printing machine printing, the cylinder pressed the pressure roller. Around the pressure roller is equipped with a number of flower tube, a few sets of flower tube called several sets of color printing machine. When printing, with the drum below the cylinder to paste the paste to the flower tube. In order to scrape the non-flower color paste, the cylinder is equipped with a doctor blade on the side. In order to increase the elasticity of the pressure roller and prevent the color paste from penetrating the back of the fabric to contaminate the pressure roller, the printing interlining is generally used when printing. In order to color paste color, the side of the cylinder with a small scraper scraper, and to prevent the fluff on the fabric by the barrel into the paste.
Drum printing is often used for printing with very thin line patterns such as the Paisley vortex printing and many seasons have a large number of printed major printing patterns. Roller printing machine is directly on the product transfer, high temperature sublimation, can be printed on most materials.

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